A Video Report on the Artist’s 2006 US Tour

In fall 2006, Vladimir Terekhin traveled to California, USA, at the invitation of Kern River Courier, a well-known American periodical. Donna Anderson, a famous US art historian and curator at the J. Paul Getty museum, facilitated Terekhin’s exhibitions in Kernville and Wofford Heights, CA.

Yuri Spilny, a renowned Hollywood documentary producer and a friend of Terekhin’s, promoted his California tour.

The program included a reception at the Rotary Club, exhibitions of the artist’s work that enjoyed a great success, and a one-of-its-kind art show involving American artists Mr. and Mrs.Hearst.

We invite you to watch three short videos made during that trip.

Art Historian Donna Anderson speaks about the exhibition and the artist’s work

Meeting the artist at the Rotary Club, Wofford Heights, CA

Artist’s work on display at Elks Lodge Hall, Wofford Heights, CA

The American press about the arrival of artist Vladimir Terekhina:

Russian artist visits


Russian artist at Elks Lodge