About The Artist

Vladimir Terekhin’s artistic world is complex and diverse. It contains a landscape enriched with inner life, an exquisitely drawn still life, densely populated compositions on everyday issues of contemporary life, and deeply thoughtful allegorical images. The artist is intensely vigilant in choosing typical situations, as if he draws them in from his surroundings, combining precision in transmitting a specific motif with broad generalization. However, not all of his paintings are accessible through an effortless, superficial level of comprehension. The difficulty in comprehending them can at times be ascribed to their hidden allegorical meaning.
His images lack idealization. They are emotionally tense and imbued with acute psychological insight. They are expressively poignant, so much so that they border on caricature and the grotesque. However, a realistic basis for his graphic art is undeniable and can be fully felt even in his slightly abstract show-stopper of a painting Store, in which a sensitive social theme, dynamic composition, and harsh color scheme give rise to a tense yet stable harmony, creating a precise and balanced composition. He often paints up close, tightly approaching the viewer and enlarging figures, distorting proportions, generalizing and typifyng characters (e.g., his piece entitled With a Short Beard).
He presents an unexpected point of view with expressive bodily contortions. He removes any excess from his paintings by adhering to a limited, rigid, but thoughtful set of details. The sonorous, almost piercing colorfulness of his paintings is not a goal in and of itself but rather serves as a means for defining psychological characteristics. Teetering on the cusp of clarity and opacity in some scenes, he blurs the contour with streams of air and a flash of light, which impart to his paintings a sense of freshness and delicacy.
His art is permeated with an experimental spirit. He aspires to fuse together precision and understatement, abstraction and a more concrete corporeity into a harmonious whole. He seeks out and finds a path of profound insight into nature and discovers ways of translating its beauty into the lyrical language of painting. He is taking the road less traveled, promising many new artistic discoveries and achievements.

Boris Strelnikov


  • 1989 – The Moscow City Committee of the Komsomol, Moscow;
  • 1989 – Samara State Art Museum, Samara, Russia;
  • 1991 – National Newspaper “Arguments and Facts”, Moscow;
  • 1994 – The Federation Council of Russia, Moscow;
  • 1994 – International Federation of Artists under UNESCO, Moscow;
  • 2005 – Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow;
  • 2006 – Elks Lodge in Wofford Heights, Kern River Valley, CA, USA;
  • 2008 – The Samara Regional Duma, Samara, Russia;
  • 2011 – Contemporary Art Center “New Space”, Samara, Russia.
  • 2014 – Art_Most 2014, Alabin's Regional Museum, Samara, Russia.
    2015 – Art-Most 2015, Ak Bars Gallery, Kazan, Russia.

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