The Objective Reality of Vladimir Terekhin

Volzhskaya Kommuna, June 1, 2011
Vladimir Terekhin presented his exhibition of 70 paintings, An Objective Reality, at Novoye Prostranstvo (New Space) Art Gallery in Samara—an extremely diverse show of his creative work over the past 40 years. One of Samara’s most successful and sought after artists, Terekhin never studied in art school, nor has he had any artistic mentors. All his achievements come only through intimate self-examination and his own creative experiments.

Russian artist visits

Wes Walker-Kern Valley Sun
Vladimir Terekhin, an artist from the 450-year-old town of Samara, Russia (located approximately 700 miles southeast of Moscow) visited the Kern Valley this past week to exhibit his art and share his work with the local community.


Kern River Courier 22-oct
It was a busy weekend at the Elks Lodge. Besides the art show that kicked off Sunday, there was a carnival for kids on Saturday. Above: Children and their parents enjoyed a cakewalk. Left: Exalted Ruler Dennis Dominicak gets dunked by wife Lauralee. Below: L-R, Clown Patty Elliott, Madison Lilly, 3, and Kristy Howard.

Russian artist at Elks Lodge

Dolly Ogawa, Kern River Courier
Above: Work by Russian artist Vladimir Terekhin will be on display beginning Oct. 15 at the Elks Lodge in Wofford Heights. Right: Natalia Titov (L), wife of Governor Konstantin Titov, helped with the techinical details of getting Terekhin (R) and his work to America.
13 The Kernville Stampede was a crowd pleaser.


Trud, Tuesday, July 5, 1994, No. 119 \[22137], edition of 1 301 470 copies.
Do you remember the self-portrait of Van Gogh, the artist? The one with the bandaged ear which he cut off in a fit of rage and desperation? That portrait was created in an insane asylum. And have you noticed the second pair of eyes on that portrait of Van Gogh—worn-out yet trying to restore his piece of mind? You haven’t? Right. Because there weren’t any in that portrait. But they are in Van Gogh’s portrait painted by the artist Vladimir Terekhin.

Painter V. Terekhin: Blue Is the Favorite Color

Argumenty i Fakty No. 14 (547), April 1991. An edition of 24 384 200 copies.
An exhibition of paintings by Vladimir Terekhin was opened AT THE AiF EDITORIAL OFFICE. Terekhin has been known as the star of Russian Avant-garde art in the West. His paintings have been acquired by the world’s major galleries, and a monograph of his works is being prepared for publication in France. But, as it happens nowadays, the artist is little known in his own land, even though as of today Terekhin has created 500 paintings and 10,000 works of graphic art as well as three theoretical papers where he attempted to lay down the principles of the new forms of the visual arts.