Russian artist visits


From the time Terekhin was young he knew he wanted to be an artist, and he says all the people around him foresaw his talent and the success he would see from it. Terekhin says his grandfather predicted his eventual occupation, saying Terehkin "saw the world in a different way than others."
Since that pivotal time in his youth, Terekhin has followed a path he says he was initially inspired to take by the famous author Jack London. Terekhin believes his work in art is parallel with London's work in literature and uses London's work as his inspiration for his own.
Over his 30-year career as an artist, Terehkin has accomplished some very impressive things through his art. His work is exhibited in over 16 countries across the globe, also some very important people in the world are fans of Terehkin's, such as Queen Elizabeth II, who owns one of Terehkin's paintings.
Terekhin made his way to the Kern River Valley after an invitation was extended to him by the Kern River Courier through Yuri Spilny, a friend of Terekhin's, who lives north of Kernville. Spilny used to work in business between Russia and the United States and during that time met Terekhin. Spilny thought that the residents of the Kern River Valley would enjoy Terehkin's work as much as Terehkin would enjoy the area.
Spilny, who has acted as Terekhin's translator during his visit, said Terekhin has enjoyed his visit so far. "He loves this place," said Spilny. "He says it's out of this world."
Terekhin's work has been on display at the Elks Lodge in Wofford Heights since Sunday and will be on display through Friday. Terekhin will be leaving the states on his way home Nov. 2. One of Terekhin's paintings will be sold with all the proceeds going to the Boys & Girls Club of the Kern River Valley.